What is GeoPush and why it matters?

Apollo just released a feature called Apollo GeoPush. What is it and what’s it matter to you?

Well firstly, let’s refresh on what Apollo Apps are: Apollo Apps are native mobile apps built with pre developed features, drastically reducing the cost and time of traditional development. These features are packaged into different Apollo Apps for different industries.

Now, what’s Apollo GeoPush?

Apollo GeoPush allows you to send automatic push notifications when your app user walks near a location. Define a radius around the location (the GeoFence) and when users enter that radius they will receive your automatic push notification.

Why it matters to you?

Whether you’re a business owner or a church, GeoPush changes the way you use Push Notifications on your app.

Businesses are using GeoPush to send coupons to users that walk near their shop, restaurants use it to capture the attention of nearby hunger, and churches are using it to remind their attending congregation of online giving features on their app during tithing times.

One of Apollo’s organizations, Whole Magazine, use GeoPush to encourage online giving at their fundraising events! Whole also uses it to encourage their users whenever they walk near challenging locations like bars, clubs, ect. I wonder how many people can use GeoPush to change the world?

A Few more cool things…

A GeoPush Notification can be linked to any of the content on your app. Whether you want people to read a particular article when they enter a location, or you want the notification to link to a certain section, it can all be done!

Someone needs to use Apollo GeoPush to create a health app that automatically push notifies users when they walk up to a fast food restaurant!

Check out https://apolloapps.com/ for more information!

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