Top 7 Reasons Your Church Needs An App Custom Church App Design

A church app used to be a scary road to travel.

But as technology advances and companies like Apollo Apps continue to create more affordable and painless options, the idea becomes less and less cumbersome.

Yet, there are a lot of churches holding off. We’ve written the top 7 reasons a church needs to adopt the powerful benefits that having your own app offers.

  • Mobile payments have grown 1,717% since 2011 from $30 Billion to a staggering $545 Billion in 2015. Having your own app allows you to offer your congregation tools to donate directly on their phone. (
  • An average church with a mobile app sees a 31.5% increase in their online giving. And an average gift of $185.
  • Your app is available to more than 3 Billion people through iOS, Android and an HTML5 web app.
  • Apps are proven to deepen user engagement, social sharing, and create more repeat donors. (Localytics)
  • Apps account for 86% of the time spent on mobile phones, opposed to 11% spent browsing the web. (Smart Insights)
  • 85% of people prefer mobile apps to websites. (Smart Insights)
  • Push notifications have a 50%-80% open rate compared to the average 22% of emails. (Thanx)

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