Stop! Don’t make your own app! Read this first… Custom Church App Design

Let’s face it, App Design is the new web design industry. It’s booming with hundreds of companies promising brand transcendence through a smartphone application.

But most of those companies like Subsplash, The Church App, and Como are DIY (do it yourself) companies. Meaning they give you access to a platform for anywhere from $700-$3,000 down and somewhere around $150 monthly and then leave you to build, edit, customize and publish your own app.

There’s a few basic questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you use a DIY company.

1. Do you have the time to do it yourself?

A lot of App design companies promise you a platform allowing you to “build” your own app. As great as said platform may be, do you really have time to learn a new platform, customize your app, find and customize all the feeds needed, then spend a few hours creating certificates and licenses to publish your app on ios and android?

Most people would say no, because it doesn’t really make sense to pay a minimum$1,500 down, and $150 a month just to do something yourself, does it?

Apollo App Design builds your app through an advanced developers platform, not a DIY builder and the apps start at only $500.

2. Do you need to monetize your app?

Most DIY app design companies have a very limited platform for advertising and ecommerce on the app. And if you’re going to pay their minimum $1,500 downpayment, you want to make sure you can make that back in a timely manner.

So if you need to monetize your app a company that offers a full range of both internal and third party advertising and products is going to be your best solution. Apollo App Design offers the most flexible solution to get the highest ROI possible.

3. What kind of budget do you have?

If you’re like any of our clients, you’ve got a tight budget but need advanced features like live streaming audio or video, user accounts and content downloading to accommodate your clients.

Apollo App Design has nearly 90 more features than The Church APP, Como or Subsplash.

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