The Secret That’s Growing Church Giving Over 31%

It’s no secret that churches need a mobile app, but what’s the secret behind growing church giving?

Aware3 reports an average church with a mobile app sees a 31.5% increase in their online giving. And an average gift of $185. But what if we said we could make that number go even higher? Would you listen?

Yeah we thought so, 31% is a lot. For some that means a new building, or finally hiring your youth pastor full time. Maybe a 31% increase in giving means a children’s campus or a 3rd service to reach more of your local community.

31% is a lot, but we can teach you how to grow that number even more by using your mobile church app.

Here’s how…

The majority of your church goers have a smart phone, and whether you like it or not, most of them are on it during service. But what time are they on it the most? When do they really tune out?

Studies show church goers tune out the most during the few minute spot encouraging them to tithe. So how do you use that to your advantage? Well, if they’re tuned out, chances are they’re on their phones.

By sending a push notification during the offering portion of the service, reminding them that they can give online, and linking the push notification to the giving page on your app makes tithing a million times easier for your congregation.

Based on a study by AMICCS the average cash donation on a Sunday morning is just over $21 a week, but according to Aware3 the average mobile gift is $185. That’s an astronomical difference, $164 to be exact.

Don’t have a church app? We can help.

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