Apple Guidelines Explained & How Apollo Apps is Still Publishing

By now I’m sure you’re well aware of Apple’s new publishing guidelines affecting church apps.

The new guidelines don’t allow any app created with a “commercialized” or “templated” app platform. This has forced many church app companies to move to container app – a single app that contains hundreds of other church apps instead of a custom branded app on the app stores.

Why Apple Did This

Most church apps have very little customization and are mostly identical with the occasional exception of custom images and a color change here and there. Most church apps just contain external links and don’t offer any innovative functionality.

In Apple’s eyes, when you publish thousands of apps that look identical and carry very little native functionality, it’s considered spam.

We’re Publishing, How?!

Apollo Apps has spent the past year working on our own custom app system, and after using a 3rd party templated platform for years, we’ve launched our new, proprietary builder. Our roots are in custom software development, allowing us to innovate MUCH faster than other companies.

Our platform that uses a custom app framework to create truly innovative apps with original functionality that gives your church the upper hand in growing the kingdom. We’ve been successfully publishing our new apps without a single denial.

“We don’t have a made up agreement with Apple to publish our apps, we just make truly custom apps. Which Apple has no problem with. “

Don’t Be Fooled

iTunes doesn’t negotiate with app companies. They don’t hand out “exclusive” publishing agreements and they certainly don’t give blanket rights to one company over another. So don’t be fooled by the “we’ve been given exclusive publishing rights” by some companies. If they receive even one denial, they won’t be able to publish after January 2018.

Future Plans

We’ve also made moves to implement an incredibly advanced container app that will be the home of all the apps built on our new platform for those looking for a more affordable option. If Apple ever decided to release guidelines that directly affect our apps, which they have yet to, the container app would protect any future apps from there on.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is to be transparent and upfront. We’re only in business to grow the Kingdom of God, not rake in a massive profit. This motivates us to create the most innovative solutions on the market. We won’t attempt to publish your app if we believe it’s in danger of denial.