What GeoPush Means For Your Church App

Apollo GeoPush, the biggest advancement in app development since the app itself, changes the way you interact with your congregation!

What is Apollo GeoPush?

Apollo GeoPush allows you to send automatic push notifications when your app user walks near your campus. Define a radius around the location (the GeoFence) and when users enter that radius they will receive your automatic push notification.

Link these notifications to a morning schedule on your app, your church bulletin, or any of your sections, including giving! You can set the automatic notifications to go off when the user enters the campus, when they’ve been there a certain amount of time, or as they’re leaving.

How Churches Use Apollo GeoPush?

Early church adapters to GeoPush have used the feature to send a welcome notification to their congregation as they enter the campus. Some have even linked that push notification to a service schedule/bulletin.

Others use GeoPush to remind church goers as they leave about the upcoming church wide event or night service.

But probably the most significant use of the feature is defining the GeoFence around your church and sending a push notification during the tithe and offering reminding users they can give online. This method has proven to grow church giving by 31%!

Why Apollo GeoPush Matters To You?

Engagement changes everything in a church. When goers feel like growers with the church they tithe more, serve more and invite more. GeoPush strengthens the bond between a church goer and their church. By using the interactive push notification your church can offer a number of solutions to churches biggest issues.

Apollo built GeoPush to change what church app development meant to a church and provide solutions to a number of congregation engagement problems.

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