Why you’re transferring?

The Tithe.ly + Apollo Apps partnership has come to a close. But, your app’s billing is still part of the Tithe.ly package.


By transferring your app payment you insure the following:

– Keep your app live on the stores!
– Your app is safe, no changes required
– Your app name is secure
– Doesn’t require users to do download a different app!
– No need to remake the entire app
– You get 2 FREE months


If you chose to stay on Tithe.ly billing, you will be forced to do the following:

– create a new app from the start
– require users to download a different app
– current app would be deleted
– you’ll lose your app name
– possibility of not being published on iTunes

CMA Payment Transfer Form

This is a secure form that will add your card on file.

  • American Express
  • We will place a temporary charge of $1 on your account, to be refunded after authorization.