Hello, and welcome to the Apollo Apps family!

This is just a standard written agreement between us and your church, to keep for your records.

By signing up over the phone, through email, or via an additionally written contract you agree to our terms and conditions listed on our website. Stating that you allow us to bill you per the terms agreed to pay.

Our Agreement To You

You will receive the best possible support and attention from our team. Your designer will design a wonderful app you will love. If you don’t love it, he/she will work with you till it’s absolutely perfect.

We commit to respond to your requests within a reasonable timeframe, usually, 24 hours, supply you with all the tools and resources you’ll need, and of course provide multiple points of contact including email, chat, designer, and phone.

Our support team is available from 9-5pm CST. We aren’t available 24/7 because we don’t believe oversees support would be beneficial.

Our heart is to help grow your church and ultimately the kingdom, we will work tirelessly to accomplish that.


Process and Your Requirements

After signup, you will fill out a welcome form and get us some basic requests. After the designer has reviewed they will begin working on your app. You’ll see a demo within a week. You can then begin requesting edits to your app. Once perfect, we’ll publish!

You’re required to provide what your designer requests. We can’t do our job if we don’t have the right tools! 🙂

Refund Policy | Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with our service and wish to cancel you may at any point. We hate to see you go, and will always attempt to find out what we did wrong and fix it in hopes you’ll stay.

We believe communication is key, so the more you talk to us about your needs the better service we can offer.

You will still be charged even if you don’t use the service, so even if you come back a year later and want to cancel, there’s no refund for prior months. If you do decide to discontinue working with us your refund will look like this…

Monthly Plans – cancel at any time and you won’t continue paying.

Annual Plans – Latest payment amount prorated, minus the setup cost if it’s your first year.

For example: you paid $1,188 for the ultimate package and it’s been two months, you’d receive back $691 = $1,188 – $299 – $99*2

If you’re on a custom plan, and it was discounted, you are not eligible to receive a refund for the discounted amount.

For example: you paid $700 for the ultimate package (discounted $488) and it’s been two months, you’d receive back $203 = $488 – $299 – $99*2

Refunds will be returned within 60 days of request if approved.


~ Jonathan Bodnar

CEO, President

Apollo Apps