The Custom Church App That Changed Everything

Church apps are becoming more and more relevant and imperative to the church’s ability to grow and stay relevant. New features are being created monthly, driving the church app industry into a competitive innovation race.

Most church app companies can offer the standard features, podcasts, videos, bible, notes, streaming, and giving. So what’s the real difference?

What’s the big differences in church apps?

The biggest difference is that most church app companies give you a dashboard to choose a few colors, and upload your content, then their system throws your content into a template. The same template as 1000’s of other churches. After you finish this, if you ever need to update the content, they’ll need to resubmit your app to the stores.

Apollo Apps does things a little different.

Design and quality are why we exist in the first place, so naturally our entire process is dedicated to a unique and customized app for your church, no templates here. After you choose your features, one of our professionally trained designers will design and build your app for you. Then once you’ve approved it, we’ll publish it for you. It’s really that easy.

How can Apollo Apps be half the prices as the other guys? Well, it’s simple. Our system is different, we use a more powerful, flexible and feature rich software that less costly process to build your app allowing us the flexibility to give you a 100% unique design. No other company can do that.

Is there any difference in features?

Yes, there’s actually a big difference between each company’s features, even if they sound the same.

For example, any app company will give you access to push notifications, but only Apollo Apps can offer you deep targeting for your notifications. This allows you to target the notifications to locations, user habits, GeoFences, user groups, and of course devices.

Not all features are created equally, so do your research and find out what a company is really offering you. A lot of church app companies charge thousands for a quick piecemeal app that barely gets the job done.

Apollo Apps start at $0 down and $48 a month. Simple, clear and affordable.

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