The premium mobile app solution for churches and businesses.

Apollo Apps offers the most customizable mobile app experience around. Our platform includes state of the art features with a user friendly interface.

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Work directly with a professional designer

Choosing Apollo Apps means choosing the most customizable process on the market. Our team walks you through every step of the process. Even after publishing, your designer is available to make changes and solve any support related issues.

Management Dashboard

You receive complete access to the powerful app editor and management dashboard. Allowing you to manage users, push notifications, and more!

Geofencing Magic

With the most advanced Geofencing notifications around, you can manage hundreds of geofence locations and notifications.

Coupons & Loyalty

Dramatically increase your customer retention rate like never before with our powerful coupon and loyalty card features with simple setup.

Powerful Integrations

Whether you’re building a church app, business app or a school management app, our platform integrates with all of the top 50 most used platforms.

What’s under the hood?

Native Development | Live Updates | Powerful Plugins

Our apps are made with 100% native languages respective to their platforms. Creating a much cleaner user experience.

Live content updates mean your changes show on your user side in live time without having to resubmit your app.

Our platform is expandable through custom plugin development. We offer 6 premium plugins, but custom features are always an option.

Expandable systems

We offer white label and whole sale solutions to companies around the globe. Our system and processes are unparalleled and infinitely expandable to grow as you grow. With a powerful API we can integrate into your current customer flow, for a seamless user experience.

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“Apollo Apps is providing customizable, simple to use, affordable church apps with rich functionality to churches throughout The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) in the United States. I highly recommend Apollo to other denominations, ministries and churches!”

~ Ken Baldes, Christian Missionary Alliance

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