Apple iTunes Publishing Guarantee

“We don’t have a made up agreement with Apple to publish our apps, we just make truly custom apps. Which Apple has no problem with.”

What we’re guaranteeing?

– Your app will go live on iTunes & Google Play.
– Your app will be unique, creative, and innovative.
– Your app will be a custom branded, individual church app.
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What happens if we can’t get your app live?

We have yet to face an app denial on our new platform, but Apple is continually changing the game, so if we can’t get your app live here’s what we’ll do:

– 100% of your setup fee will be refunded
– Your app will go live on the container app immediately
– You will receive an additional 6 months free
– Already paid monthly/annual fees will be applied as a credit

It’s that simple.

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By purchasing the Apollo App, you agree to the Client Agreement and the Terms & Conditions outlined on this site. The “refund” of monthly or annually fees already paid are applied to your account as a credit, on top of the additional 6 months of free service. As we do not control Apple we do not guarantee that Apple will get your app live without issue, only that if your app is not approved on that app store we will take the actions outlined above.