4 Ways To save Over $7,200 With Using Your Church App

There’s plenty of benefits wrapped into getting a church app. Especially an Apollo Church App. But does an app actually save you money?

The answer? Yes. Here’s 4 ways to save money for your church using a church app:

1. Replace Your Bulletin

A simple, but effective method that accomplishes more than you’d think.

Firstly, the average church will save about $4,750 a year on printing costs by adding your bulletin to your app.

The additional benefit is this encourages users to download the app in order to receive the bulletin. More users equals more giving inside the app.

Ready To Save?

2. Switch to Digital Commitment Cards

Like replacing your bulletin, switching to digital commitment cards can save over $2,450 in yearly printing cost.

Also much like the prior point, this encourages more downloads of your app during events, worship nights, etc. Resulting in higher donation rates through the app.

Now, It’s Really Time

3. Use Push Notifications

This method has perhaps a slightly less noticeable benefit. But none the less will shave costs long term for your church.

When you use push notifications to keep users engaged they develop a mental trust in your app and this results in extended and more frequent use of your app. Like google, your app becomes a source not just a resource.

Start Sending Notifications

4. Promote In-App Giving

Making giving easy increases donations. In fact, 75% of givers would choose to give via your app if given the choice.

The more users take advantage of using the app, the more time and money you’ll save on the ancient methods of giving that cost you more!

Elevate Your Giving